About Jaleo


Founded in august 2007 and directed by Colombian duo Alvaro and Camilo Moreno, they are representative  DSC3514-300x247[1]musicians from Pasto, Colombia. Grupo Jaleo is based in Phoenix, Arizona with local musicians from different backgrounds and nationalities.

The multicultural musical heritage has rightly led Grupo Jaleo into the top leading performers in Phoenix AZ. Jaleo, the celebration the festivity and the commemoration, represents their melodic interpersonal motivation. They have musically reproduced impressionistic geographical cadences in their work, offering Afro Cuban, Puerto Rican and Colombian rhythmical inspiration. Their Multicultural awareness is a musical interpretation of past and present joy.

Jaleo performs melodies such as salsa, cha cha cha, latin jazz, merengue, cumbia, and new songs from  latin top charts all this inspired by their Colombian roots.

Jaleo is the most representative band in Arizona for salsa dancers and latin music; it’s no surprise you can find them in some of the best latin nights in town and concerts.