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Hello, my name is Major A. Allgood, owner of Allgood Officials. I want to tell you little bit about me and how we have gotten here. I was born and raised in Racine, Wisconsin. Just like every other kid, I played a lot of sports, such as: football, basketball, baseball and any other sports you can think of. I grew up playing in the YMCA organization. As I grew up, I played throughout many other organizations such as: AAU Basketball, youth leagues, junior high and high school.

My dad, Major L. Allgood, has been umpiring baseball and softball for many different levels. His highest level of umpiring was Professional baseball. I use to love going to the games and watching him work. It was awesome to see him behind the plate calling balls and strikes! Going on the road, when we were out of school during the summer to watch him umpire games was great too. He also played a lot of baseball and softball as well. His love for the game, encouraged me want to do the same thing he did!

So when I had a game on a Saturday morning for my YMCA team, the umpire ​did not show up for our game. An adult volunteered and did our game. There were two ​more games to go and no umpire insight. The baseball director asked if anyone wanted to do the games. I was 15 years old at the time and I said, I would do the games. He asked me if I knew how and I stated, yes, my dad was an umpire and I watched a lot of his games.​

I did the games and got paid, $5.00 per game back then, but it was fun. That is when​ I started to officiate many sports. I started going to officiating camps, clinics, schools​ and academies. Reading rulebooks helped me out a lot too. I always make sure that I obtain rulebooks from every level of sports every year. I purchased many videos and other information to help me to be a better official along the way.

As I got older, trying many careers and tearing up my knee the first time, I​ decided to get back into officiating sports. I went back home and started working with my dad. We worked youth and adult sports together for almost four years. I worked high school and college level baseball also. I decided to go to the Jim Evans Umpire Academy and learned that I had along way to go to be come a good official. I proceeded to officiate​ at many different levels of sports. I went to many other clinics for the various sports I​ officiated. A lot of officials do not want to spend the money or time to go to these​ camps and clinics; It pays off in the end though. If you want to officiate different levels of​ sports, you need to attend these clinics.

I have put in many hours, and games over the years. I have torn up my​ knee several times since then, but I love what I do. I decided to go even further and​ started to train and assign officials for many sports. I have also coached sports, but​ officiating is for me. This is the only thing I do, assign and officiate sports. It is in my​ blood. I want to thank my dad for that. He really loved doing what he did and so do I.​

I started Allgood Officials up many years ago. I have been assigning sports​ for leagues, tournaments and many other events since 2001, right after my son was​ born. Remembering when I did not have an official at my game. I decided to form an​ organization to help out all levels of sports. I am still currently supplying officials for many organizations here in Arizona, California, Las Vegas, New Mexico, Illinois, Wisconsin and other states and cities whenever anyone needs officials. I will continue to do this for many years to come. So if you need any officials for any event, you can count on Allgood Officals. See you at a sporting event soon!



Here at Allgood Officials we offer officiating services for various sports. The sports range all the way from youth sports to adult sports. With our vast quantity of officials, we are never "too booked" to officiate your league/event.

At Allgood Officials we are constantly striving to make sure our officials are trained, and updated on the most current rules for each sport and division. Allgood's Officials are required to attend yearly trainings every year in order to work.

There will never be a moment when you will have an official out there clueless of what he/she is doing. If you would like to inquire about choosing Allgood Officials for your league, please feel free to contact Major via email or using the contact button above.

Below you will find a list of the sports we officiate. If you do not see your sport, please feel free to contact Major Allgood using the contact button at the top of this page.

Youth Fast Pitch Softball (Girls)

This is Youth Fast Pitch Softball (Girls)!

Youth Fast Pitch Softball (Girls) . Youth Fast Pitch Softball (Girls) . Youth Fast Pitch Softball (Girls) . Youth Fast Pitch Softball (Girls)

Adult Baseball

This is Adult Baseball!

Adult Baseball . Adult Baseball . Adult Baseball . Adult Baseball . Adult Baseball . Adult Baseball .

Youth Baseball

This is Youth Baseball!

This is Youth Baseball! This is Youth Baseball!This is Youth Baseball!This is Youth Baseball!

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